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VarroTec B.V. We are ‘VarroTec’, a global specialist and your ‘Hot end Coating Equipment’ supplier in the ‘Containerglass Industry’. Read this newsletter!

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2018, the year of VarroTec!

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We are VarroTec!

A global specialist and your ‘Hot end Coating Equipment’ supplier in the ‘Container Glass Industry’. Due to our ten years experience in this particular industry, we guarantee to deliver quality, flexibility, service and a swift delivery from our own stock. 2018 is the year in which we located ourselves into our new residence at the Mandenmakerstraat 8a, Uden, The Netherlands.

This new location does not only hold our warehouse, it is also where our workshop is located where we produce, assemble and test all our products before they are sent to you, our customer.

Our technical team is always ready to answer any questions you may have, or send you a obligation-free quotation.


Carel van der Leegte & Ryan van Esch

Below a selection of our product range


Did you know that; we also produce the well known SE_5 & SE_6 pumps, and many others! These pumps are in stock and ready to be ordered and delivered to you. A trouble-free delivery of MBTC from these pumps to your Hoods are certainly guaranteed.

Membrane pumps

We naturally also are able to supply you with a diverse amount of Jesco, Prominent and LMI Membrane-pumps, spare parts included.


Nieuwe flowmeters nodig?
Wij leveren deze VarroTec/Brooks meter met- en zonder sensor direct uit voorraad.

NIEUW! Hittebestendige coating

Wederom hebben wij een VCH4 hood afgeleverd. Onder andere is deze hood voorzien van een nieuwe door ons, in samenwerking met onze spuiter, ontwikkelde duurzame silicone vrije hittebestendige coating.


Also in stock, are several blowers, as are shown in the pictures below, each with its own distinctive functionality

Circulation blower

Available with the 134mm, 160mm, 170mm and special blower wheels.

Exhaust blower

The exhaust blower is also available in the general 1 version.

Finish air blower

With or without cabling

Cooling blower

Available in the general 1 & general 2 version.


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2018, the year of VarroTec!
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