VarroTec B.V.

Your partner for all your glass coating equipment

VarroTec B.V. VarroTec B.V. is the supplier of a complete range of products and equipment for the Hot-End Coating within the container & Packaging glass industry.

VarroTec B.V.   VarroTec   B.V.

5405 BJ   Uden, NL-NB, The Netherlands - +31.651635804 -

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    VarroTec B.V.

    VarroTec, more than just a name

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    VarroTec B.V.

    Your partner in glasscoating equipment for container & packaging glass manufacturers

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    VarroTec B.V.

    VarroTec stands for quality, service and flexibility

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    VarroTec B.V.

    VarroTec, solution-oriented thinking

We Are VarroTec

A global specialist and ‘Hot-End Coating Equipment’ supplier for container & packaging glass manufacturers.

VarroTec B.V. was founded in 2017 after a takeover of the firm Moors Mill B.V., along with the specialized knowledge, supplies and distribution of this equipment.

For the past 10 years we have been the purveyor and partner of Arkema, delivering hoods and components to organizations worldwide.

The VarroTec B.V. philosophy: quality, innovation, durability, service and flexibility in combination with a short distribution chain, resulting in fast and reliable delivery times.

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