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VarroTec B.V. View here some products realized by VarroTec in our specialized area of bottle and glass coating and hot end coating.

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VarroTec products

VarroTec B.V. offers as producer and supplier a complete range of products and equipment for the Hot-End Coating & Cold-End Coating producers of container glass. With over 10 years of experience and global delivery, VarroTec B.V. guarantees a broad technical knowledge and expertise in the container glass industry.

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A small selection from our product range:

  • Wide range of Hoods and spare Hoods, etc.
  • All steelparts for HEC systems: midsections, blower wheels, drum stands, etc.
  • Customized steel parts and spare parts on request
  • Blowers: Circulation blowers (all types), finish air blower, exhaust blowers (general 1 and 2), cooling blower (general 1 and 2), etc.
  • Electrical parts and components: Sensoring (PT-100, IR-sensors, Inductive sensors), weighing components, temperature components, heating 750W / 2,5kW, flowmeters, cabling and connectors, connector boxes, etc.
  • Membrane pumps: Jesco, Prominent, Iwaki, LMI and all spares
  • SE-5 / SE-6 pumps and spare parts
  • All type of controllers: Analog / PLC- controlled

What can we do for you?
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