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VarroTec B.V. Arkema – VarroTec B.V.: Final Judgement statement

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Arkema – VarroTec B.V.: Judgement statement

Dear customer,

Arkema spread several less positive stories about our company VarroTec. In recent months there has been much obscurity as to what is and what is not true. The reason: Arkema informed us that there would be sufficient competition in the market and that VarroTec would be one competitor too many. To suit the action to the word Arkema instituted legal proceedings against VarroTec in November 2018 in the course of which it filed many (unjustified) claims against VarroTec. Thus Arkema tried to prohibit VarroTec to produce and deliver its products. We can, however, not escape the impression that with all these claims Arkema tried to sweep VarroTec, as a competitor, off the map.

After a long wait we finally received the ruling of the District Court last Friday night, 18 January 2019, through our lawyers – Holla Attorneys-at-Law in Eindhoven.


The court dismissed and rejected the many demands / claims of Arkema, barring on one point.

In conclusion: VarroTec does not act unlawfully against Arkema by producing and marketing Hot- End Coating lines, including spare parts and the various pumps, e.g. the SE-5 and the SE-6.

The only thing that we can no longer communicate is that VarroTec, in combination with the company Moors Mill B.V., was the previous partner and supplier of Arkema in the past. We will post a rectification on our site for this the coming 90 days.

That is why we say 'GOOD NEWS'. Nothing changes for you as a customer because the company VarroTec can simply continue the same service and quality for the delivery of all types of hoods, spare parts and pumps, as you expect from us.

We trust that this information is sufficient for your purpose.

VarroTec B.V.

Ryan & Carel


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Arkema – VarroTec B.V.: Judgement statement
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